Best Affordable Liquid Multivitamin Formulas

Best liquid multivitamin supplements

In an ideal world, people should obtain all the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients their body needs from their everyday diet. But today’s world is far from ideal and despite the dramatic advancements in the food industry over the past few century, the truth is, most of the processed food we eat today is full of useless, and even harmful fillers and lacks many of the important nutrients needed for a healthy body.

We’ve all been told repeatedly how important it is to have a balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains. This is the best way to ensure your body gets all of the nutrients it needs.

But not everyone may be able to consume an adequate amount of fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables on a daily or regular basis, and in such cases, supplementing with a multivitamin can be particularly beneficial.

While supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet, the generally accepted argument is that taking a multivitamin is better than nothing when one’s diet is lacking in various vitamins and minerals. But if you already regularly eat plenty of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and other highly-nutritious foods, then you can skip the vitamin supplements as they aren’t likely to provide any additional benefits.

Most multivitamins on the market come in capsule or tablet form, but there are some that come in a more refreshing liquid form. If you are tired of swallowing pills, then choosing a liquid supplement offers a more convenient way of ingestion.

Another advantage of liquid multivitamins is that they are better absorbed and have a higher bioavailability than those that come in tablet or capsule form, however, this claim is often made by the manufacturers/sellers of those products without any solid scientific evidence to back it up.

Anyway, you are free to try both liquid and tablet versions and stick with what works better for you. And if you are interested in trying out the former, check out the following suggested products.

Best Liquid Multivitamin Supplements

The following are three of the best liquid multivitamin formulas that come at a reasonable price. I’ve seen some over-priced supplements that sell at around $100 per bottle but are in no way superior to the following affordable brands.

1. VIBE Daily by Eniva

The VIBE Daily formula provides 32 vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients in an easily absorbed liquid form. It also contains more than 30 fruits, vegetables and natural plant extracts that help boost immunity and overall health.

VIBE Daily Multivitamin costs $39.95 for a 32 oz. bottle (32 servings). You can order it here.

2. Multivitamin & Mineral Complex by Country Life

This natural and certified gluten-free liquid multivitamin by Country Life provides all the essential micronutrients your body needs everyday to maintain optimal health and performance. In addition to essential vitamins and minerals, this product also contains organic aloe vera, green tea extract, bioflavonoids, and natural fruit juice concentrates. It comes in standard natural mango flavor.

Country Life’s Liquid Multivitamin costs $34 for a 32 oz. bottle (32 servings). You can order it here.

3. Vitamin Code by Garden of Life

Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code is a 100% natural liquid multivitamin formula that only contains whole food vitamins and minerals with no synthetics or isolates. It is a blend of more than 45 superfoods that include organic fruits and vegetables, organic mushrooms, and organic sprouts. It is a vegetarian and gluten-free product, and it comes in natural orange & mango flavor.

Vitamin Code Liquid Multivitamin costs $37.79 for a 30 oz. bottle (30 servings). You can order it here.

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