Can You Get Nootropics Samples For Free Anywhere?

Free Nootropics

Everyone loves free samples! Many sellers realize this fact and try to capitalize on it by offering “free” samples to potential future customers. And while this marketing model may work well for certain types of products and services, sadly, nootropics isn’t one of them.

I am only aware of one vendor that used to offer free samples of nootropic drugs, and that is UK-based ThoughtFoods. However, it looks like they have recently stopped offering those free samples, for understandable reasons.

It just isn’t a sustainable business model for vendors to offer free samples in this niche, particularly for drugs like racetams, adrafinil and others. That’s because pretty much everyone with an interest in these nootropics wouldn’t mind having a free trial of a dozen different products, but they probably won’t come back to spend money and buy more after they got what they wanted for free, which is to just give it a try!

Another drawback for consumers is that you will usually have to pay for shipping and handling of free samples, which in some cases can be a higher price than the product itself. And don’t forget import duties that some countries have, even on free goods!

Nootropics aren’t notably expensive, and most of them are within reasonable prices for supplements. So it is better to spend some time doing your research to narrow down your choices to one or a few different nootropics, and then order the smallest amount of those available. Check out the recommended vendors on this page to discover some of the top-rated nootropics vendors.

Beware of Free Trial Scams!

There are many natural formulas of nootropics or brain supplements offered under snappy brand names and mostly prompted online with a “free trial” hook. That is one of the most classic marketing tricks and a favorite one of scam artists in the supplement industry, which many thousands of people still fall for.

Most of those free trial offers are for overhyped and overpriced supplements that deliver little, if any, of the amazing results promised. And the catch is that they will ask you for your credit card details (usually for shipping fees), and then AUTOMATICALLY enroll you into an auto-shipment program, which many consumers won’t even be aware of because it is done so sneakily. After the free trial period ends, they will continue to charge your credit card for an additional non-refundable bottle/box every month until you cancel your subscription, that is if you could find an easy way to cancel!

Ironically sad, it seems that scammers are more generous than genuine sellers when it comes to supplements, since they are much more willing to send you a “free” trial. Maybe because scammers make so much more profit from their overpriced products and devious marketing that they can afford to be so generous!

Personally, I do agree that the best things in life are free, albeit those do not include nootropics, or anything of consumable mundane value, for that matter!

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