Double Wood Supplements Review: Is This Vendor Legit?

Double Wood Supplements

Company Background

Double Wood Supplements is a small business that was founded in 2014 by two brothers: Evan and Reese Wood – hence “Double Wood”. The company is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and operates online through their official website. Some of their products can also be found on Amazon and other online stores.

Products They Sell

The company sells a variety of nutritional supplements. They specialize in making nootropics or products that are used to support mental health and improve focus, memory, mood and mental energy.

Their products are manufactured in the USA and tested for purity in US labs. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for each product as an extra assurance of the quality and purity of their supplements.

Do Their Products Work?

Double Wood Supplements sell genuine, quality products, but then you should keep in mind that supplements work differently for each individual.

Most of their products on Amazon have positive reviews, but then again, there are also consumers who did not get the results they were hoping for.

As far as this brand is concerned, their products are effective and of good quality, but whether they will work for you or not will primarily depend on how well your system responds to the specific supplement/compound in question.

Do They Accept Returns?

Yes, they do. You will have 30 days after your purchase to return the product and claim a full refund (minus shipping fees, if any). Refunds are issued for the first opened/used bottle and any number of additional unopened bottles.

If you have bought just one bottle and already opened/used it, you can claim a refund even without returning the product to them.

What About Their Customer Service?

I’d give this company 5 stars for customer service! They respond to emails in a timely manner with all the information/answers required.

What Are the Disadvantages?

There are a couple of downsides here, and these are:

  1. They don’t carry many nootropic drugs. Adrafinil is the only popular nootropic drug that is available at Double Wood Supplements. The rest of their products are natural/dietary supplements. They don’t carry any racetams, noopept, phenibut, etc.
  2. They don’t sell powder. Many consumers prefer to buy nootropics in powder form for two reasons: it’s a little cheaper, and it allows you to mix whatever amount of the supplement you need with your favorite drink or shake. Unfortunately, Double Wood Supplements only sell capped supplements.
  3. They use gelatin capsules. The capsules used in their products are made from animal (pork) gelatin. They do not offer vegetarian capsules.
  4. They only ship to the USA.

Bottom Line

Double Wood Supplements is a legit vendor with good reputation and outstanding customer service. I think their products are worth giving a try.

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