Where to Buy Purity-Tested, Real Adrafinil Online?

Adrafinil is one of the top few nootropics that may actually have a noticeable positive effect on alertness and focus. This drug was developed in France as a wakefulness-promoting agent, and until September 2011, it was marketed worldwide under the brand name Olmifon.

Unfortunately, Olmifon has been discontinued and is no longer available in stores, but you can still purchase generic adrafinil at an affordable price from many nootropic suppliers.

The following are three of the best places where you can source authentic adrafinil online.

#1. Peak Nootropics

Adrafinil from Peak Nootropics

Form: pure powder


  • 10 grams = $27.99
  • 20 grams = $55.99
  • 50 grams = $134.99

Shipping: worldwide

Support: live chat, email

Located: Houston, Texas, USA

Official Website: Peak Nootropics

#2. Thought Foods

Adrafinil from Thought Foods

Form: capsules (300mg)

Price: $62.48 for 60 capsules

Shipping: worldwide

Support: live chat, email, phone

Located: San Diego, CA, USA

Official Website: Thought Foods

#3. Absorb Health

Adrafinil from Absorb Health

Form: capsules (300mg)


  • 30 capsules = $32.99
  • 70 capsules = $69.99
  • 100 capsules = $94.99
  • 150 = $119.99

Shipping: worldwide

Support: email, phone

Located: Supply, NC, USA

Official Website: Absorb Health

Quick Facts About Adrafinil

  1. It was originally developed to improve wakefulness, vigilance, attention, and mood for people with sleeping problems.
  2. Many healthy men and women use it off-label to boost their brain power, focus and clarity.
  3. Adrafinil is a mild stimulant that doesn’t cause hyperactivity.
  4. Once digested, the body converts adrafinil into modafinil, which is the active drug form. Adrafinil is a weaker form of the prescription-only modafinil.
  5. Adrafinil is an unscheduled and unregulated drug, so it can be legally purchased over the counter from local and online suppliers.
  6. The World Anti-Doping Agency has added this drug to their list of banned stimulants in athletic competition.
  7. It is partially soluble in water and other liquids.

Dosage and Usage Instructions

  • The recommended daily dose ranges from 300-600mg.
  • The effective dosage depends on several varying individual factors. You should start with a 300mg dose, and if you notice no effect, you can double it the next time.
  • You should take the dose in the morning or early afternoon. If you take it later you may have trouble sleeping at night.
  • Food is optional, but it is most effective when taken with a glass of water on an empty stomach early in the morning.
  • It normally kicks in after about 1-2 hours of oral ingestion and can remain active in your system for several hours.
  • Most users take it about 3 times a week, or every other day.

Note: Adrafinil may not work for everyone. Results vary, and some users have noticed no effects.


Adrafinil is well-tolerated and does not typically have any side effects. It should be safe for adults as long as you don’t exceed 600mg per 24 hours.

It may cause insomnia if taken in the afternoon or evening.

There are some unsubstantiated concerns that adrafinil may cause harm to the liver (where it is metabolized into modafinil) if taken for a long period of time. Just to be safe, it is not recommended to take this drug for more than five months.

Although a prescription is not needed, consulting with your doctor before taking any new drugs is always advised, especially if you take other medications.

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